Street Photography in Istanbul | Photographing the World Ep.2

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I have finally managed to assemble the hours and hours of footage filmed in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and the surrounding area. Finding my way through it, along the narrow alleyways of the open-air markets, on the way to the Egyptian Bazaar, and more.

The “Photographing The World” Series continues, and we now wander in Fatih, through the Grand Bazaar and the huge markets area! The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the largest covered market in the world, with over 3000 stalls, and it's a very vibrant area which is the perfect setting for Street Photography.
This video was long due, again, but I came back from Istanbul with 6+ hours of footage and almost 1Tb of photos… Everything all over the place, and I went back over and over trying to find the right way to assemble and publish. I was to give you a full-length docu-vlog of about 20-25 minutes. But then I thought a small pill format would have been much more palatable (pun intended).

So here is the second episode of the series. At the moment, I know of at least 6 episodes, but there is material for more, so make sure you subscribe to my channel and do not miss anything!
And if you need to catch up with the first episode, it's here.

“Photographing The World” is the slogan currently written on my YouTube channel banner. When I started the channel, I still didn’t know how long the Covid pandemic would last. Having travelled extensively before it, I had this vision for the channel to focus on my journeys abroad.
While waiting to resume travelling full-time, the channel shifted to more gear and general Photography. But the aim was always to focus on Travel Photography. And now it’s time!

The Video

I did some Street Photography in Istanbul as part of a fantastic meetup with many other photographers and YouTubers back in April 2022. Like I said, it took me a while to go through all the material. And even more so in the Grand Bazaar.
You may have already seen some of the content when I published my 5 Tips to Photograph Strangers. As I said in the first video, I love the people of Istanbul.

Street Photography in Istanbul | Episode 02 - Bazaars

And, as usual, here's the direct link, in case the embed doesn't work:

By the way, if you wish to know more about the legality of Street Photography in Istanbul and privacy laws worldwide, I have another helpful video for you. The exact information concerning Istanbul, and Turkey, is also in the companion photobook that I published with this series.

The book contains all the photos I show in the video and many more. As well as information on the areas where I shot, travel tips, and all the information you can expect from a travel guide. With a Street Photography flair, of course.
It follows the format of the video, where everything is arranged by area. So there is a large section dedicated to the Grand Bazaar and the surrounding markets.


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