Available October 2022, you can now pre-order with an early bird discount of 33%.

This photo zine includes ~75 photos with shooting info as well as stories and places from my recent trip to Istanbul. This is the perfect companion to my travel video on YouTube about the same trip.
Here you can see the photos (and more of them) at high resolution. And hopefully get inspired to pick up your camera and go visit this splendid city.

At the moment these zines are digital only, for a few reasons:

  • the digital format allows me to update the zine indefinitely: if I made a typo, if I wanted to add more content, etc… All it takes is to upload a new version and you will be able to receive updated copies for life (lifetime updates are included in the price);
  • it helps reducing the cost of creating a zine (on top of packing and shipping) so I can give it to you at a considerably reduced price;
  • it is of course more sustainable for the planet;
  • you can have instant access to the zine wherever you are.

I’m not entirely against making printed copies, if there happens to be enough demand. But they would be very limited editions for collectors at a much higher cost.
Right now, this is the only format available.
All pages are high resolution so you could also print them yourself, if you’re so inclined.

Photo zines and prints are the most direct way to support me and my work. Every item sold here helps me raise funds to create even more photos, videos and digital products specifically for you.
Thank you!


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