> Last updated August 13th, 2020

Workshops have restarted! See my post about this here. Currently putting on hold any other public engagement: no speaking at events or attending them, no meetups. Cautiously considering travelling again for my long term projects.

[YouTube] This new experience is sucking all my time but I’m enjoying it a lot. Come to channel at

[Tuition] Helping other photographers with my 1-1 online sessions. It’s interesting how everyone has many different needs: improving editing, learn about creating a website and strategise their brand, etc. Glad I can help with all of that.
I have also launched the new mini workshops for people who believe they have no time to enjoy photography: now you can book me for a session during your lunch break or right after work!

[Publishing] Working on a series of photo magazines to document my lengthy trip around Georgia (the country). Some interesting discussion with other photographers about a zine… we’ll see…

[Store] Finalising the new print to add to The Limited 10 series in August. Finalising the Lightroom Presets pack to add to the store (need a few ore tests with different camera brands).

[Web] Reached a good optimisation of for ideal performance, to give you the best user experience while navigating my content. I went from ranking E (54%) on Pagespeed for a 13s page load to A (97%) for 0.96s page load, and still working on improving.

[Support] Closed down the Slack support group for Photographers. The fact this is not needed anymore is good news!

[In Progress] The secret project (codename PTOD – it’s really just the acronym) is still in progress. Needs content more than anything but I’m on it.

[Reading] Finally started James Victores’ Feck Perfuction
[Watching] Keeping up with Masterchef Australia, despite the many letdowns of this season.
[Playing] Still using Beat Saber to do some extra exercise while at home. Fifa90 was also free a few days ago, played 3 games, deleted.