> Last updated January 6th, 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Workshops are back (only 1-1 though)! See my post about this here. Currently putting on hold any other public engagement: no speaking at events or attending them, no meetups. Cautiously considering travelling again in 2021 for my long term projects.

[YouTube] This new experience is taking all my time but I’m enjoying it a lot. Come to visit my channel at and don’t forget to subscribe!

[Tuition] Helping other photographers with my 1-1 online sessions. It’s interesting how everyone has many different needs: improving editing, learn about creating a website and strategise their brand, etc. Glad I can help with all of that.
I have also launched the new mini workshops for people who believe they have no time to enjoy photography: now you can book me for a session during your lunch break or right after work!

[Exhibitions] Even though I’m not travelling, I’m stoked that my photos are! They appeared in a few exhibitions around the world in 2020 and new ones have been already confirmed. In January, I’ll be featured in Asia for the first time (in Hanoi, Vietnam) and in February I’ll appear at the Photographer Of The Year exhibition in New York… Photographer Of The Year! 🙂

[Publishing] Working on a series of photo magazines to document my lengthy trip around Georgia (the country). I’ve just been featured in F/8 Magazine as well.

[Store] I have a few changes planned for the store so things may be a bit glitchy at times, apologies for that. The Limited 10 series is on hold for the moment (it’s a big part of the update). But I have released a useful presets pack for Lightroom and ACR to help with sharpening Fujifilm photos and prepare them for large prints. Check it out.

[Web] A couple of months ago I reached a good optimisation of for ideal performance, to give you the best user experience while navigating my content. I went from ranking E (54%) on Pagespeed for a 13s page load to A (97%) for 0.96s page load, and still working on improving. It’s a bit slower now because of all the features I added, but I will work on the optimisation again soon.

[In Progress] The secret project (codename PTOD – it’s really just the acronym) is still in progress. Needs content more than anything but I’m on it.

[Reading] A couple marketing books and a novel. A bit disappointing so far.
[Watching] Frankly, anything that can distract from Arsenal’s poor performances..
[Playing] Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) added the co-op Legends DLC and is lots of fun. Just waiting for the PS5 to be available to purchase…