Over the years, I have been very fortunate to have my photos selected to be showcased at various exhibitions worldwide. Every time this happens, I feel honoured, humbled, proud and excited… It’s quite a rollercoaster of emotions, and I love it.

I had my first photo exhibition in Florence long ago, in 2005. And then again, in the early days of Instagram, my photos were featured in London as part of my involvement with the IgersLondon community. However, it didn’t happen again for a long time. I was focused on growing my career in the Design industry and left my photography behind.
It was only in 2020 when I was selected to be featured as Photographer Of The Year, that I started to take the exhibition opportunities more seriously. I could not travel in person because of Covid, but I would have my photos travel on my behalf. And so now, on numerous occasions, you can see my photos on the walls of art galleries and venues around the world.

Below is a list of my past, present and future exhibitions. There will be more, and hopefully, you will soon be able to see my photos in your city too.

ICM National Gallery London exhibitions


January25-27BogotàEspacio El Dorado
February15-18AthensBlank Wall Gallery
March22-24BarcelonaValid World Hall
April12-14LeedsPhoto North Festival
May02-04LondonConingsby GalleryBlack and White Photographer Of The Year
June21-24PhiladelphiaThe SPACE
28-30ClevelandKaiser GalleryStreet Photographer Of The Year
August01-04Mexico CityALMANAQUE fotográfica


16-18BogotàEspacio El Dorado
March23-26MilanMilan Image Art Fair (MIA)
April04-09BangkokArt & Culture Centre
June01-03LondonConingsby GalleryBlack and White Photographer Of The Year
July21-01/09ChicagoBridgeport Art CenterStreet Photographer Of The Year
22-24ChicagoBridgeport Art CenterNature Photographer Of The Yearlink
27-30Mexico CityAlmanaque Fotogràfica
August03-05MontrealGallery Gora
December21-23LondonConingsby GalleryPhotographer Of The Year


January14-16AthensBlank Wall Gallery
21-18/02ChicagoBridgeport Art CenterPhotographer Of The Year
28-30BerlinBBA Gallery
February18-20JohannesburgFotoZA Gallerylink
24-26New YorkAgorà GalleryLandscape Photographer Of The Year +
Black and White Photographer Of The Year
March25-27BarcelonaValid World Hall
April05-10BangkokArt & Culture Centre
29-01/05BudapestPH21 Gallery
May06-08Limassol6×6 Centre For Photography
June09-12StockholmGalleri Kontrast
August12-14MinneapolisPraxis Gallery
18-20MontrealGalerie Gora
September23-04/11ChicagoBridgeport Art CenterLandscape Photographer Of The Year
30-02PhiladelphiaThe SPACE
October07-09San DiegoSparks GalleryTravel Photographer Of The Year
28-30BarcelonaValid World Hall


29-31BerlinBBA Gallerylink
11-13New YorkAgorà GalleryPhotographer Of The Year
March05-07BerlinBBA Gallery
June04-07AthensBlank Wall Gallerylink
24-26CopenhagenIn The GalleryTravelPhotographer Of The Yearlink
July02-04Limassol6×6 Centre For Photographylink
August06-08BarcelonaValid World Hall
13-15SeoulArt Delight
September10-12MelbourneLaurent Gallery
18-21BirminghamThe Photography Show
30-03/10StockholmGalleri Kontrastlink
October14-16DublinAtelier Now
November05-07LisbonEspaço Espelho D’Agua
18-20EdinburghStills Centre For Photography
26-30New DelhiIndian Habitat Center
December11-13LondonConingby GalleryNaturePhotographer Of The Year


June05-07BerlinBBA Gallery
August07-09VancouverThe SpaceNaturePhotographer Of The Year
13-15BarcelonaValid World Hall
September17-19ParisStudio Galerie B&Blink
October01-03Washington DCThe Fridge
09-14BarcelonaValid World Halllink
November05-07EdinburghStills Centre For Photographylink
13-16BerlinBBA Gallerylink
December03-06StockholmGalleri Kontrastlink


December05-21LondonUnit 24
14-16LondonTruman Breweryfirst sponsored exhibition (Instagram)


October22-24LondonBrick Lane Galleryfirst international exhibition


April09-23FirenzeCentro Sociale Elettro+mixed photo and art performance


June11-25FirenzeCentro Sociale Elettro+first photographic exhibition


September20-21MantovaI Garibaldinifirst art exhibition and book publication