Photography Workshops are Back!

You read it right: my Photography workshops are back.
The lockdown measures are easing in the UK. And what the government just announced is finally allowing me to restart hosting my Photography workshops.

Shops are reopening, the safe distance is reduced to “1 metre plus”, and we can have gatherings of up to 6 people… We’re getting there.

I’m not travelling yet, even though I desperately want to. Therefore my engagements are limited to London for now. But it’s a start. And I’m very happy to be able to resume the Photography workshops. I have already reached out to those who have inquired during the lockdown period and arranged dates in the first half of July.
For everybody else, keep your eyes peeled for announcements on my Instagram @fabienb and in the Shop.
It’s also probably time to redesign the store to accommodate the different offerings…


My Photography Workshops

I will cycle through a few different options depending on time, weather and demand:


I have been photographing London for almost 10 years and have built up an extensive knowledge of some great locations. We’ll be taking to the streets of this city, and you will learn about composition, the best use of light, making the most of the weather conditions and capturing the moment with your camera.


The same applies to Night Photography. But the different itinerary takes advantage of the changing scenes: light trails, neons, silhouettes and a totally different vibe from the busy daytime.


With the reopening of public viewpoints, there will be many possibilities to photograph the London skyline again. This workshop features Abstract, Architecture, Long Exposure, Fine Art and hopefully gorgeous sunsets. A tripod is required here.

1-1 Masterclass

Of course, the 1-1 Masterclass is also resuming! Frankly, I could have kept it going during the lockdown, considering the UK government measures. But I didn’t want to put anyone at risk, so I suspended this too. But the full immersion 1-1 is back. Check this page for all the details.

NEW! Condensed 1-1, lunch and post-work

And here comes the new offering! I had people reach out, saying they couldn’t find enough time to dedicate to Photography. So I looked for a solution.
I will offer you a reduced flat rate, 2-hours-max, 1-1 session during your lunch break or pre-dinner (as soon as you leave your workplace).
Check the store for more info.

And Airbnb Experiences?

At the time of writing, tourism is still not resumed, and there are disadvantages due to having to quarantine in some countries, etc. Airbnb are communicating that Experiences will start to resume on the 14th of July in some countries and later in others (even though their page still says May). Therefore this remains on hold and I will keep you updated.

updated: all UK hosts just received a message via the Facebook Group, and it seems we can resume hosting Experiences in London from July 2nd! So now there’s that too!

What you can expect from the Photography workshops

All the photography workshops are open to everyone, from the amateur beginner with a smartphone to the fully-equipped professional. In these first weeks of lockdown easing, I will limit the Photography workshops to a group of 3 people maximum.
If you are already a group of 3 and want to do this together, don’t wait for me to announce a new workshop. Get in touch now, and let’s organise it based on your needs.

With each workshop, you will develop your skills, become better and more confident with your camera and gain knowledge that will help you create your photography masterpiece.
It sounds like a lot, and I understand that for some people Photography can be confusing and intimidating. But I tend to keep a relaxed approach to try and help everyone and get more pleasure from their photography. 
I believe that taking pictures is a mindful experience that provides joy, and I wish to keep it this way for you as well.

Another way to be the first to know about my upcoming Photography workshops and any new event, is via my newsletter (no spam, promised). It’s also the home of my Story Behind The Shot content and where I share discounts for anything in my store.

This will leave a little less time for the Online 1-1 Sessions. They went well during the lockdown, and I have had a couple of regulars for the whole period that I gladly helped and to which I’m grateful. So I will keep them active, particularly for those out of London and all the extra-workshops stuff like reviews, business help, consultancy, etc.

Exciting times ahead 🙂

Thank you.

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