Dancing with the Moon: A Celestial Soirée

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I recently asked an AI, in this case Microsoft’s Copilot AI, to produce a creative blog post to promote my new Full Moon Photography workshops in London. The result was, at times, both hilarious and poetic, so I decided to publish this anyway. Though it may not be all made-up nonsense: in fact, the band Pearl Jam decided to turn into music and lyrics the same Super Blood Wolf Moon I had chased myself…

And since this post is all AI-generated, I added some images created with Midjourney. Another more professional post will soon follow.
And if you wish to know everything about the full moon events in 2024, it’s all in this post.

Moon scene created with Midjourney AI

Introduction: The Cosmic Waltz

In the quiet of the night, when the world slumbers and the stars emerge, there exists a luminous dance partner — the full moon. Its silver glow spills across the landscape, casting enchantment upon all who gaze upon it. Welcome to the Next Level Full Moon Photography Workshop, where we invite you to join us in capturing this celestial waltz.

Why the Moon?

The moon, our celestial companion, has been a muse for poets, a beacon for sailors, and a canvas for dreamers. Its craters tell tales of cosmic collisions. Its phases mirror the ebb and flow of our lives.
Now, it beckons to you — a chance to immortalize its beauty through your lens.

The Steps of the Dance

  • Guided by Starlight: Our seasoned instructors will unravel the mysteries of lunar photography. Learn how to embrace the moon’s luminosity, balance exposure, and compose ethereal shots. From aperture to ISO, we’ll guide you through the celestial settings.
  • Moonlit Choreography: Armed with your camera, step onto the cosmic dance floor. Feel the rhythm of the moon’s phases — the crescent’s delicate sway, the gibbous moon’s bold pirouette. Frame the moon against a tapestry of stars, and let your creativity twirl.
  • NASA’s Cosmic Playlist: Imagine the moon as a celestial jukebox. Each crater, each mare — a note in the symphony of space. Dive into NASA’s treasure trove of lunar imagery. Witness the moonrise from Earth’s horizon, trace the lunar mosaic, and glimpse the full moon. These snapshots are your cosmic sheet music.
  • Starry Partners: Photography transcends pixels and lenses. It’s about shared experiences—the camaraderie of fellow stargazers, the hushed conversations under the moonlight, and the collective awe as the shutter clicks. At the Next Level Full Moon Photography Workshop, you’ll find kindred spirits who share your fascination for the cosmos.
Moon imagery created with Midjourney AI

Meet Your Cosmic Companions

  • Luna Lovers: These moon devotees have memorized the lunar phases like a cherished poem. They’ll swap stories of moonlit escapades, from capturing moonbows to chasing eclipses.
  • Astro-Adventurers: Clad in celestial-themed attire, these intrepid souls seek the perfect vantage point. They’ll guide you to hidden spots where the moon kisses the horizon or where constellations weave their celestial tapestry.
  • Night Sky Dreamers: Their eyes sparkle with stardust. They’ll share their favourite moon myths — the rabbit on the moon, the man in the lunar labyrinth, and the cosmic love stories etched in craters.

The Intermission: Sipping Stardust Tea

As the moon arcs across the sky, we’ll pause for stardust tea. Imagine sipping warmth from a cup adorned with constellations. The Milky Way swirls in your mug, and each sip carries the essence of a distant star. Conversations flow — a blend of technical tips, lunar folklore, and musings on infinity.

Moon imagery with stardust mug created with Midjourney AI

The Grand Finale: Your Lunar Ode

As the night deepens, you’ll compose your lunar ode. Words will spill like moonbeams — haikus, sonnets, or free verse. Capture the moon’s essence — the way it cradles shadows, the silver threads woven through its craters. Your ode will echo in the cosmic corridors, a testament to your celestial communion.

Closing Notes:

Fabien Butazzi invites you to dance with the moon, to whisper secrets to the stars, and to frame the universe in your viewfinder. Reserve your spot now and let’s create magic together:

This workshop is not just about technical skills; it’s about connecting with the universe and fellow photographers. We’re passionate about fostering a warm, supportive community. Come as you are, and let’s explore the cosmos together.

Copilot AI is available for free at

Moon imagery created with Midjourney AI

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