NOIR - Black And White Presets Pack For Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
19th January 2022

Yes, I have indeed just released my first black and white presets pack for Adobe Lightroom (and Photoshop)! A couple days ago, I received the news that my photos will be exhibited at the Black And White Photographer Of The Year exhibition in New York at the end of February....

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Fujifilm LUT Pack for OBS
4th May 2020

I created a Fujifilm LUT presets pack for OBS (or StreamLabs). You don’t know OBS? OK, Let me elaborate… As you know, I recently started live streaming on YouTube. And I have been testing a few apps to help me with that. Once I settle for one solution I may...

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28th April 2020

Tweaks the Sharpening sliders in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to eradicate the “worms” effect on Fujifilm Raw files. As described in my post Sharpening Fujifilm Raw Files in Lightroom. It’s Complicated, available here. While these settings work for most images, extra refinements may be required. All images are unique. This preset...

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