Adobe AI Terms of Service, generated AI art
8th June 2024

If you’re a creative pro, chances are you’ve heard about the recent controversy regarding the update on Adobe AI Terms of Service. In case you've been off the grid, here's the TL;DR version: Adobe sent a notice informing users that it could access their content via manual and automated methods. This caused a major stir, with many worrying that Adobe might use its users' work to train its AI models. Ever tried...

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A group of friends during Diwali (Copilot) consistent great photos with AI
1st June 2024

Exactly a year ago, I published my proven ChatGPT formula to achieve consistent great ‘photos' with AI (Midjourney). It has helped me produce many very good-looking, realistic images. But with the pace at which improvements are released, does the formula stand the test of time? Or is it due an update? This is what we aim to find out today. Before we dive in, as I did in the original post, I...

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AI-generated Zuckerberg, Deny consent to Ai at Meta
31st May 2024

If you are looking for information on how to deny consent to AI at Meta and exercise your right to object, this is it. BEFORE WE BEGIN… Traffic has spiked hugely since publishing this article, causing server overload and, therefore, a slower website. So, my apologies if this has affected you. To compensate for the disruption, I'm offering you a 10% discount on everything directly available in-store right now. Simply use the code...

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Midjourney v6 is out
27th December 2023

Midjourney v6 just came out, kind of a Christmas present to all AI aficionados.You may have noticed that I use some stunning images in this blog and in my newsletter (to which you should subscribe, of course). Most of them are obviously my own photos. However, I may not always have the ideal photo at hand to match my content. In that case, I use AI-generated images created with Midjourney AI. Since...

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product photography with AI
30th November 2023

AI art platforms can create stunning on-brand images for your e-commerce site with just text prompts. Learn the simple formula for visually-striking backdrops, colours, and compositions and boost your sales with no design experience needed!

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Generative AI technologies coming to Luminar Neo
22nd August 2023

I had written a different article introducing you to the new generative AI technologies soon to be integrated into Luminar Neo. But then I thought about having that digested by AI to see if I could rephrase some long or overtechnical sentences. And you know what? The result may be totally different from what I would write on these pages, but I found it quite funny. So I'm keeping the AI version,...

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London 1 Gigapixel photo panorama skyline Fujifilm
10th August 2023

I have been thinking about creating a 1 gigapixel photo for a while. It's not an entirely new concept to me. About 15 years ago, in Florence, with a company called Centrica (not the energy firm), we turned the masterpieces of the Uffizi gallery into digital at an incredibly high resolution. For example, we took dozens of shots of Botticelli's Venere and then stitched them together to create this gigapixel photo that...

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My ChatGPT formula for consistently great image generation
1st June 2023

Yes, you have come to the right place to learn the secret to consistently obtaining great photos with Midjourney. It's all thanks to a proven ChatGPT formula. So it's AI creating AI—with the help of a human Photographer, that is. If you want only the formula, it's further down on this page. But if you have the time and want to understand what's behind this “secret sauce,” I recommend reading the whole...

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Artificial Intelligence in Photography header
9th December 2022

I believe it is about time we talk about Artificial Intelligence in Photography because the rise of AI technology is rapidly changing the way we think about Photography. No longer just a tool for capturing and storing images, AI can now be used to automatically edit and enhance photos, provide unique perspectives, and even create entirely new images. One of the most exciting developments of AI in Photography is the ability to...

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Midjourney Professional Photographer Vs Artificial Intelligence AI Digital Portrait
1st September 2022

I found myself deep into the Midjourney rabbit hole. And my goodness, how much I enjoy it :)There's been a proliferation of creative AI lately. Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Craiyon are maybe the first iterations of an entirely new creative ecosystem. And one that is already producing mindblowing results (and sparkling controversies). For my latest video, I picked Midjourney because it seemed a perfect match to my style at first glance,...

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Burnt Banksy NFT, a digital artist perspective
10th April 2021

NFTs, the acronym tripping off everyone's tongues these days. We might have a certain shredded Banksy artwork to thank for that surge in interest, but allow me to share my own perspective on this whole situation. Brace yourself; there might be a hint of bias (ahem, towards preserving art!), but I'll try my best to keep things balanced. Navigating the crypto-verse can be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. If “fungible tokens”...

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Fujifilm GFX 100S
28th January 2021

Yesterday, during their X-Summit, Fujifilm officially announced the new GFX100S and it's a beauty! It's the fourth large format mirrorless camera from Fujifilm and it really is the best yet. It is incredible how much punch is packed in this tiny body. Still with all the great features and excellence of this large format sensor. But in less than 1kg and with much better ergonomics! And, of course, the well-known image quality...

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