Street Photography workshop in London

Together with John Hughes, I will be hosting a street photography workshop in London on the 23rd of November.

John and I have become friends through photography. We have met several times for photo walks in London and went shooting together a few times as well.
John is a well known talented street photographer. I learned a lot from hanging out with him and all the people he’s connected me with.
He already hosts workshops in London and Cambridge. And I know how good they are because I’ve been to one of them.

Myself, I have ran workshops on landscape photography around the world, organising them spontaneously while travelling (like in Tel Aviv). But this will be my first street photography workshop and the first one in the city where I’m based.

2 is better than 1.

I’m a very different photographer from John.
He is a classic “purist” street photographer, mostly shooting in black and white. Some of his photos remind me of Bruce Gilden, particularly when John shoots with the Ricoh GR II and gets really really close to his subjects.
I rarely use black and white because I see the light as a very important subject. Sometimes as THE subject of my photos. And to me its colour also gives it its character.
I also don’t distaste to use Photoshop to achieve the photo I want. This is enough to cast anathema on me for not being “pure”, I know. But I mostly use it to remove what I find really annoying, like garbage on the street for example (when that is not part of the story).

We are also pretty different in the way we put people in our photos. While John puts people front and center in his shots, I mostly only reveal a small cut of them through lights and shadows. He’s not afraid to be awkward and ask people to pose for a portrait. I prefer candid shots.

Long story short, having John and I co-host a workshop means you gets loads of value from it. Different techniques and styles, a longer time together and plenty of fun.


For this workshop in London, we’ll be meeting in the Oxford Street area and walk our way around. We’ll be shooting in daylight and during night time as well (being end of November the light will go out around 4:30pm). In case of rain, of course we’ll still run the workshop as there’s plenty of opportunities (reflections, moody shots, etc) so no excuses!

This street photography workshop will last 6-7 hours and we’ll include a session in the end where we’ll review photos and discuss editing. I travel a lot so I often edit on the go on a tablet device and am ready to post on social media. That’s something I’ll be showing and discussing with you in the final session.

John and I will not shoot, unless you ask us for demonstration of settings or else. Our focus will be on you and you only.

Book now!

Spaces are limited. Even though this street photography workshop has 2 hosts, we can only accept a dozen participants in order to give enough attention to each and every one of you.
John has set up a booking page on his platform, so head there and book.

If the button doesn’t work, use the link below:

See you there!
In the meantime, head to our Instagram profiles!
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