full time Fujifilm photographer
14th January 2021

The two questions people ask me most frequently are why I shoot with Fujifilm cameras and how I decided to be a full-time Fujifilm photographer. Because of the lockdown, I'm spending more time in the studio now, so this is a chance for another talking head video and time to answer these recurring questions. It was probably always in the cards, as Fujifilm has been with me since the beginning. But it's...

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Fujifilm X-T1 black
23rd April 2020

I'm often asked why I shoot Fujifilm, rather than maybe follow the latest trends on YouTube and go with Sony or any big DSLR... Trust is, it happened by chance. Here's how.

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Waxing gibbous moon
9th April 2020

Right, the pink supermoon… Or, how things don’t always go to plan.

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