Street Photography in Istanbul | Photographing the World Ep.1

Here starts the new “Photographing The World” Series and we kick off with Street Photography in Istanbul!
This video was long due, but I came back from Istanbul with 6+ hours of footage and almost 1Tb of photos… all over the place. I was to give you a full length docu-vlog of about 20-25 minutes. But then I thought a small pills format would have been much more palatable (pun intended).
So here is the first episode of the series. At the moment I know of at least 6 episodes but there is material for more, so make sure you subscribe and not miss anything!

“Photographing The World” is the slogan currently written on my YouTube channel banner. When I started the channel I still didn’t know how long the Covid pandemic would last. Having travelled extensively prior to it, I had this vision for the channel to be focused on my journeys abroad.
While waiting to resume travelling, the channel shifted to more gear and general Photography. But the aim was always to focus on Travel Photography. And now it’s the time!

I went to do some Street Photography in Istanbul as part of a fantastic meetup with lots of other photographers and YouTubers back in April. Like I said, it took me a while to go through all the material 😅

The Video

Here’s a direct link in case the embed doesn’t work:

Street Photography in Istanbul | Travel Pills, Episode 01 - Ayasofya
Watch this video on YouTube.

This video is a short introduction but contains some of my favourite photos. I went to Haghia Sophia (Ayasofya) early in the morning to catch the beautiful light making its way through the windows. And I was able to capture some of those perfect light beams you recognise from my street photography style… Absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of photos, This series has a perfect companion in a photo zine I am releasing in October 2022.

You can grab yours now with an early bird discount and see the high-res images, read the stories and follow along this series as it unfolds.
All infos are in the zine page here (or you can simply click the button in the box below)

Next in the series

Next episode will come shortly and feature the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar as well as the areas around. Probably the biggest “pill” in the series so don’t miss out!
It’s all about Street Photography in Istanbul but there will be portraits, sunrises and sunsets, cityscapes and more.

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And I see you all in the next episode!

Wait, before I forget: I also mention my NOIR presets here in the video… If you look for beautiful black and white conversions, these will surely please you:

Also… Want to travel and capture wonderful photos with me? Come to my next workshop in Florence!

OK, now I can say goodbye. Till next one! 🙂

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