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One Minute Message. Covid Vaccine, Travel, YouTube

I just received my first dose of Covid vaccine!
Some people have strong opinions against vaccines… Personally I don’t understand them but I do respect every opinion. But to me this is a big deal! And it can be for the future of my channel as well! You see: my photography used to take me abroad for the majority of my time, travelling around the world to document all the beauty of this planet.
And just before the pandemic I had planned to start several projects. From humanitarian work in Indonesia and Mexico to documentaries in Japan and other countries in Asia. And I also need to continue my work in the Caucasus, where I shot the image that earned me a place in the 2020 Nature Photographer Of The Year exhibition.

You see, I had this vision for my social media: that I would use it to take you along with me and show you the people, the culture and the landscapes of these countries. And far beyond.

And so, to me this first dose of vaccine is really one step closer to getting back to that idea and that life!
I hope that you will decide to subscribe and see where this will take us. Thank you!

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