Put A (Hoya) Sparkle In Your Photos and Videos

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Remember my Starry Nights short film? No? Well, it's here to watch if you missed it:

I mention it because I made that short film using the Hoya Sparkle filters, both 4x and 6x variants. These creative filters from Hoya make for very interesting results. But more importantly, they provide consistency and reliability to every image where you want to add a starburst effect (and maybe some soft diffusion). Something that is usually achievable with just a camera and a lens, but with much less control, or even no control at all.

And they're extremely fun to use!

So, here's my review of the Hoya Sparkle filters (not sponsored), along with the usual photo samples, of course…

The video

Here's a direct link in case the embed below doesn't work:

How To Put A Sparkle In Your Photos and Videos | Hoya Sparkle

The very surprising thing is that the Hoya Sparkle filters also work brilliantly for video. It's like creating the anamorphic flare effect but in a star shape rather than a line, which I think can be really cool. Might even create a new trend, lol.

Let me know what you think about the filters here in the comments section or under the video on YouTube. I'd be very curious to know your thoughts.
Also, if you require any help creating this starry effect in camera or with the Hoya Sparkle filters, I'll be very happy to respond. :)

See you in the next video! Or in the previous one if you stay on the channel watching my content ;)

Update, October 2022:

I'm now officially collaborating with Holdan Limited as their Brand Ambassador. Holdan Ltd distributes Hoya and other photo-video brands here in the UK. So expect more reviews and more content (genuine, as always).

Hoya Sparkle filters used at night in London

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