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As I mentioned in my introduction, I’m now packing to go travelling around the world. A long trip that will take me to a few countries in East Asia, North America and Europe (and more on my gear in the next post).

It’s certainly for pleasure and because it’s just what I’m programmed to do. But I also want to connect with as many people as possible while travelling: creatives, digital artists, entrepreneurs, startups, etc. And in particular, in the first half of the trip, in Asia, because I never had much visibility of the creative scene there and I’m very intrigued by what I can find.

South Korea

I know that in South Korea, my first stop, things are moving quite fast, and technologies like AI and Blockchain are now front and centre and I look forward to seeing what they are achieving there and how Design is shaping these offerings. I’m curious to understand how the Korean collective feeling of Haan changes the way Creatives think. To immerse myself in a different culture and try to understand it at a profound level is really one of the highlights I look for when travelling.
And because of my passion for food, I’m also quite excited to experience the great Korean cuisine from its source.


I will then move to Taiwan, hoping to be lucky enough to avoid the pouring rain (September seems to be the rainiest month of the year there). I know the country is famous for some big tech companies, like Acer, HTC or Asus, but I don’t know anything about their Design scene, which is a blank I’d like to fill. Again, food-wise, I know it will be quite an experience, thanks to the famous night markets and some of the most exquisite teas.
If the weather allows, I hope I’ll be able to satisfy my photography needs as well by visiting the national parks. Something I want to do everywhere while travelling around the world.

update 13 Sep: I had to cancel the flights to Taipei because typhoon Mangkhut was supposed to reach the island during my weekend there.
Mangkhut then moved South, ravaging the Philippines, but plans had to be changed.


Travelling around the world | Neon lights in Tokyo at night

Next stop: Japan. This is actually the country I believe I know better in all of Asia, at least from all the culture exported to the countries I lived in: art, design, tattoos, cuisine, anime, manga, toys, technology, films… There is so much I love about Japan that this had to be the most obvious choice for a stop. This said, I don’t think I have ever met any Japanese designer or artist in person, even when attending all the conferences I attend every year. And that, again, is something I’d like to fix during this trip. And now that I think about it, I might be in Tokyo by the time Fujifilm launches the new X-T3 camera… Maybe I need a little bit of extra space in my suitcase…

United States, West

I will leave Asia then and cross the Pacific. making a short stopover in Hawaii (Maui). You might now picture me at the sandy beach, sipping a cocktail, but the truth is that I’m more fascinated by the green spaces of the rainforest and the volcanoes than by the water. And I hope I can make the most out of a short stay there and bring home some great pictures.

Hawaii will only be the first step in the United States. Next is San Francisco. After the little break in the middle of the ocean, I’ll be back trying to connect with all the Creatives I can, and I already have a few friends I hope to see again there and in the following stops. I’m not going to have time to wander around all the different places in Cali, where some of the most excellent ideas are born and thrive, but I hope I’ll be able to meet a lot of fellow creatives.
I’m also quite curious to understand why some of my ‘Mediterranean’ friends told me that San Francisco would be the best place for us to live if we were to relocate in the US. I think it’s something to do with the weather and the people, but I’ll see for myself.

update 15 Sep: I’m going to skip SF after all. My travelling happens during Salesforce week, and prices for accommodation, hotel, and Airbnb START at $1000/night. I know the city is expensive, but this? No bloody way. 


Travelling around the world | Neon lights in Toronto at night

Travelling around the world most certainly involves long-haul flights. Here’s another one, taking me to Toronto. I wanted to visit Toronto (it’s pronounced Tronnoh!) for a while. One of my 2 favourite tattoo artists operates in Toronto (the other one in Stockholm), and a couple of my favourite Instagrammers. And quite a few of the most trendy YouTubers of these past 2 years are actually based here, which makes me think that the scene is vibrant and this is a place to be right now. One of the friends I expect to meet in San Francisco is from here, so hopefully, I’ll be fully in the know by the time I get here.
Niagara Falls are not too far, so there may also be a chance to visit them.

United States, East

Last but not least, I’ll be back in New York. The last time I visited, it was in the middle of the worst Winter storm the city had experienced in years, with temperatures far below 0°C (down to -32°C somewhere not too far). However, it still offered me some spectacular scenes like an all-white Central Park or a frozen Hudson river, and now I expect to see it in a whole different light. Again a few friends to meet here and some ex-colleagues that I hope can introduce me to the fantastic Creative scene that flourishes here.

and back to this side of the Pond

I won’t have much time left to spend in New York, as I have a deadline to get back to London before I pack again and travel to Israel for a conference, but I’m sure it will be utterly fulfilling.
Spain and Morocco will come next. Then Austria for another Design event and a trip to my hometown Florence

There you go, now you know where I will be in the next weeks.

As I said at the beginning, I wish to connect with as many creatives, digital artists and entrepreneurs as I possibly can. So if you live there or know someone who lives there, and would like to meet, I’ll be more than happy to hear your stories and learn about your culture and what drives you.
Get in touch!

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