Photo workshop in Tel Aviv: cityscape

TL;DR: I’ll be hosting a photography and editing workshop in Tel Aviv in a couple weeks.

It’s been almost a year since I went to Israel for the first time. I was there to attend another one of the many OFFF events around the world. And the Israeli edition was one of the highlights of last year.
I can’t believe time flies so quickly!

But it does indeed. And it’s time for me to go once again to the OFFF Design event and meet my friends.
But this year I have a very special surprise. I decided to run a photography-slash-editing workshop in Tel Aviv! More precisely in Jaffa!


It’s going to be very friendly and easy going: we’ll meet, have fun and shoot in a few locations. The focus will be on cityscape, travel and sunset. I’ll try to cater for cameras and smartphones alike (even though my knowledge of apps for Android is limited). Then we’ll move to a restaurant nearby. We’ll have a good time together, review photos and learn how to take them to the next level with a few editing tricks on mobile devices.

By the way, my dear friends at Adobe… If you could finally grant me access to the beta of Photoshop for the iPad Pro… 😉


We all meet somewhere in Jaffa, we get to know each other and I will do a brief introduction.


We visit the different stops in the itinerary and take our time to shoot. I will be spending the same time with each participant.

Ending (with drinks)

We’ll stop in a nearby cafe to get refreshments and have a debriefing session. We’ll review our photos and I’ll show my editing technique on-the-go.
Drinks are not included, though I usually call the first shots, but I’ll try to find a place that doesn’t require everybody to order.


For those that would like to stay after the end, we’ll spend more time together and have some amazing Israeli food.

I’m going to prepare the itinerary for this workshop in Tel Aviv in the next days. I will then send it to all participants a couple days before the workshop.

Enroll Now!

Spaces are limited. Mainly because I’m conscious we will occupy a lot of ground with our tripods. Yes, tripods are highly recommended.
And if you know the area from where I shot the photo below, you know that we can’t be too many lined up there.

So, head to my workshop page to secure your spot:

If the button doesn’t work, use the link below:

Accommodation options

In case you need to find accommodations, I always recommend using (<- this link will take you straight to Tel Aviv listings).
You can look for options on Airbnb as well, but I found that things like wi-fi may be a lot less reliable with private apartments in this city.

Anyways, see you at my workshop in Tel Aviv!
Or back here 😆

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