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I partnered with Airbnb to offer you a unique photographic experience in London.
My itinerary covers many options and I will show you how to capture that perfect moment and make it Instagram-worthy.
My goal for you is to go past the traditional postcard and see the city in a different way.
My style is Fine Art Photography, and here you will learn how to look at the city and its inhabitants like you have not looked before.

The itinerary is conceived in a way to cover all genres in any weather. From the architecture of the Barbican to the sunset reflecting on the Thames to the neon lights in Soho. I’ll share the exclusive view you only get from locals.

We will meet at a coffee shop where I will introduce myself and the tour (drinks are on me, of course), and then I will teach you how to look at what’s around before taking a photo, how to compose and visually build a scene to achieve the perfect shot.
We will also talk about editing your photos after you captured them and you’ll learn how to do that on a smartphone, tablet or laptop so that you can share your experiences on social media in no time.

I can be flexible with my dates, if I’m in town: if you don’t see your desired availability in my schedule, feel free to inquire about any day, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Other things to note:
Tours may be restricted depending on building accessibility, but alternatives are always part of the plan.
You must adhere to UK’s Covid-19 regulations.