Prints for Sale! Finally!

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Yes, prints are now on sale in my shop!
You probably remember my post about what to expect from me this year (don’t worry if you don’t, here’s the link). So you know this was due.

I started selling prints even before I established my photography business. The first time it happened, I had not planned for it at all. I posted my photo of the sunrise over the Haleakalā volcano in Maui on my Instagram, and someone got in touch asking if they could buy a large print of it. Within the same week, another person sent a similar mail.
I can’t disclose names, but the final print was about 2m wide and was priced at $1200.
Before you think I made a fortune from one photo, know that the framing cost was astronomical. That’s always the case with good framing. My actual earnings were only a fraction of that.

But this is how it started.

Prints for Sale - Haleakala volcano

I’m very attached to this photo, and since I have now introduced it, I may as well use it in my next Story Behind The Shot… Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be the first to read about it!

Until now, my customers have been proactively inquiring about purchasing the photos they like. One time, a sale even happened while being nice and chatting with the person sitting next to me on an aeroplane. Sometimes while talking with a passer-by during the shooting of a landscape… I find it brilliant that so many people are keen to purchase a beautiful photo to add to their homes or offices.
But, as a business, I can’t just rely on random events like these.

And so, I’m finally doing it here.

Baby Steps: The Limited 10

It’s really only the beginning. I don’t want to fill the online shop with just anything. I will select and add new prints regularly but not a ton at once.
It’s a process, and there are things I need to figure out by myself or set up with the print lab. Ideally, I would love to automate as much as possible.

While I talk with the print lab about long-term options, I start selling a series called The Limited 10.
Every month, I will offer a limited edition print for sale. Only 10 prints of each image are available in one size of 8” x 10” (203.2mm x 254mm, including margins when needed). All at a very affordable price.

As you can imagine, prints for private collectors come at a high price. They’re tailored to specific needs (even down to catering for the available light in their rooms), are often large size, use expensive frames, etc.
The Limited 10 are my way of giving something of value to everyone. They are high-quality prints as any I have ever sold, and they’re very much exclusive: only 10 prints. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. They are only fixed size and unframed to keep the cost low.

As I said, I will offer more prints regularly. Including large or panoramic size, photo series, with high-end fine art finishing, etc. Right now, I’m starting with The Limited 10.
I’m showing here a quick selection but there are more in the store.

The Technical Info

I print the majority of my photos in a lab in London, UK. The print lab I use also has a branch in the EU to keep shipping costs low post-Brexit.

My prints are either Giclée or digital C-Type. Both are high-standard quality prints; they’re simply used for different purposes. Giclée are ink-based and offer a greater range of papers, giving more freedom to present the image. C-Type are silver-based (requiring specific papers) and offer great colour accuracy in complex situations like recreating subtle skin tones.
Giclée last for around 40 years in daylight and 200 years in correct storage conditions in the dark.
C-Type also last for around 40 years in daylight and 80 years in the dark.

I use high-quality matte, gloss or metallic paper depending on the photo subject. My usual choices are Hahnemühle or Canson for Giclée prints and Fuji or Kodak Metallic for C-Type.

When requested, frames are usually custom-made for each individual print using high-grade glass, thick-cut white mounts and stylish black frame moulds.
Of course, more options can be discussed.

Prints for sale - Kyoto print example

So, how can I purchase these prints?

Well, obviously, you can always go the direct route. If you see any of my photos in my blog, on Instagram or anywhere else and would like to purchase it, this is a possibility. Just get in touch via my usual contact form. Select the option “I’d like to purchase a print”. Leave your email and write down the link to the image. I will then get back to you to discuss options.
Depending on the photo, there may be some size or availability limitations, but I will always try to accommodate your needs.

Otherwise, I have added the Prints category in the shop, and all will be added there.

There is also the third-party service route. I have already added some additional prints for sale in third-party stores in the past.
My main external shop is on Society6, and I have been using it since 2013. And it has a very diverse range of products: posters, wood wall art, metal prints and cheaper frames…
I try to keep the prices low, so my earnings are only between 3% and 5% per sale.

I have an Etsy store as well with some prints for sale. The Etsy commission is fairly high as they keep 12% for handling and payment fees. This, plus the costs of printing and framing, make Etsy the more expensive solution, so I’m only using it for special prints like limited editions. With the option to get more affordable small-size prints.

Bonus: Stock Photography licences

I’m happy to offer commercial and editorial licenses for my photos. But these require a separate conversation. Please contact me.

This wraps it up for this announcement. I hope you will find a photo that you like enough to give it space in your home or office.
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