How To Buy Or License My Images

How To Buy A Print

If you wish to enquire about buying a print that is not already available in the store, please use the form in the Contact Me page and select “Image Licensing and Purchase”. Let me know the details for the image you are interested in (URL and approximate size) and I will get in touch to let you know if it is available and to give you a quote.

Please note that some photos may have restrictions in place due to the subjects’ rights or exclusive usage contracts. Most are available, just not all of them.

Print handling is done by the professional print lab ThePrintSpace in London, UK. The turnaround for printing and dispatching is usually around 3 working days. Framed images or limited editions requiring my signature may take longer.

Royalty-Free Photos

Aside from finding my photos to purchase on the major stock sites, I also offer royalty-free packs of photos in the store. There are several licences available for Freelance, Team and Studio to cater for the needs of individuals and agencies alike. These packs are a great option for those who need to speed up their workflow with editorial, content creation, artist reference, photobashing, etc.
For an additional fee, these packs can also be used to train an AI model.

The first pack of almost 400 images is focused on my hometown Florence, but other locations in Italy and worldwide are also available.


My art can also be made available as NFT upon request. If you are interested, let’s discuss the terms. Get in touch!
In the near future, I will proactively mint my photography/digital art and put it on sale. But as of today, this is done through collectors’ request only.

How To License An Image

All the images on my websites, social media and on my portfolio are copyrighted © Fabien Butazzi.
All content in this blog is published under a Creative Commons licence, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND). What does it mean?

In order to use any of my images for commercial or editorial purposes, you need to obtain a licence from me that allows you to use my images under the terms of said licence.

If you wish to enquire about licensing any of my photographs that aren’t already available on stock sites, just use the contact form in the Contact Me page and select “Image Licensing and Purchase”. Please include a link to the image you are interested in.
Also, I kindly ask you to add the following information, in order for me to better understand your needs:

  1. How you intend to use the image (i.e. Print, Web, TV, Magazine etc)
  2. The approximate size of the image (i.e. print placement and size for magazines, billboards, etc or video resolution)
  3. Your approximate budget
  4. Any other requests / information that you might have

My licences are generally rights managed, and some will only be available for use as Editorial.
I’ll try do my best to work with you if you have specific requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.