Ever struggled with ideas for your social media posts? Are you a food blogger searching for when to post your blueberry pie recipe? Or a restaurateur looking for favourable days to market deals? Are you planning events? This Hashtag Calendar 2023 offers you tons of inspiration for your content creation and invaluable opportunities for your marketing strategies!

I started being more fixated with hashtags during the Covid pandemic when being at home meant lots of #photosfromhome or #homebaking or #livecooking… I had a few collected already to help with my content creation (from when I was the first Italian male food blogger) and simply because I’m a nerd (#wordnerd is on the 4th of January, by the way).
So, these last years, I gathered every bit of information in a hashtag calendar, which has proven incredibly valuable. And starting this year, I’m sharing it to help you with your planning and marketing.

What is included in the Hashtag Calendar?

Almost daily, there are tons of food events like Pancake Day, Coffee Week, Sauvignon Day or Hot&Spicy Food Day… But I also included fundraisers, Fashion Weeks, social events (like Random Acts Of Kindness Day), etc. And I have added religious events, festivities and national holidays from the UK, USA, India, China, Japan, Italy and more.
For the Astrophotographers aficionados like me, I have added the moon phases. With a clear indication of the Supermoons of this year.
For all food lovers (or if you simply want to save money when you buy groceries), there is a list of seasonal ingredients on each month’s page.

From a content creation point of view, the possibilities are endless. You could even combine events to create unique content: during the Healthy Eating Week, you could have a nocturnal picnic (Picnic Day) on a dark New Moon night to better watch the stars. And you could take out sushi (Sushi Day) made with sustainable ingredients (Sustainable Food Day). Yes, those are all events happening on the exact same day!

Always up to date

I’m also still collecting new events and updating the Hashtag Calendar 2023 regularly. If you buy the calendar now, you will receive all the updates for free during the year. I think it’s fair to imagine that there will be updates every month. No more frequently than this because I don’t want to spam your mailbox with notifications.

Also, if you know of events that are not included, please write to me, and I will add them and add your name to the contributions in the following calendar. Only global or national events, in order to keep this meaningful for the majority of people.

How is this better than other free versions online?

Yes, there are free versions available. But the free versions you can find online are limited, and most only focus on food or one or two countries. And while this may have more UK events (because it’s easier for me to find them at the moment, but this will change over time), there are also global and non-food-related events, including festivities events with a high marketing value.
But even if not free, I’m still keeping the price of this hashtag calendar extremely affordable. Less than the cost of a coffee (in London terms). Consider that there are paid versions out there, still limited, priced at $20.

Can I see a preview of this hashtag calendar?

Of course! You can download January for free here.

Are there actual hashtags in the hashtag calendar?

Not really. I believe that having the event name in the calendar makes it far more readable.
The vast majority of times, the relative hashtag is simply the same name and/or the name with the current year added. For example, the Baklava Day hashtags are #baklavaday and #baklavaday2023. In the case of specific events, like the Fashion Weeks, additional hashtags are only made known during the event, so they couldn’t be featured here in advance.

Do you keep the calendar updated?

Yes! I’m always collecting new events and adding them to my calendar. For example, I’m now looking at adding more Astrophotography events, like eclipses and meteor showers.
All updates for the year are available for free, of course. You simply need to download the file again.

version 1.1, 29 Jan 2023: 17 more dates added

Can I print this calendar?

Yes. The pages are in A4 format, and the PDF file is print-ready.
There is a bit of white space left on each month’s page for you to add your own notes.