Photographer Of The Year 2020

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Photographer Of The Year 2020!
How exciting is that? And how did that happen?

Well, I received an email informing me that a photo of mine has been selected to be featured in the Photographer Of The Year exhibition in New York in February 2021.
Photographer. Of. The. Year.

6 months ago, when I started my YouTube channel, I had just received a similar email for the Nature Photographer Of The Year 2020 exhibition in Vancouver. This was still a big deal, but I was so focused on the new YouTube life that I totally forgot to publicise that on my social media accounts.
And now this!

update Dec 2022: Street Photographer Of The Year now too. Yeah, baby!
OK, back to this article…

We can all agree that 2020 has not been the best year. Most likely, if anyone ever invents a time machine, it will be written in the instructions to never go back to 2020.

So, little successes like these mean a lot. To me, at least. I really am over the moon.

The Video

I wish I was a better Youtuber to make an absolutely outstanding video about it, but right now, it is what it is. Better videos will come, particularly if you show your support by subscribing to the channel ;)
The photo is available as a print in several formats, including a framed version as large as the one you see in the video. All on my Etsy store and here.

Photographer Of The Year 2020! Ending The Year With A Bang!

As always, here's a direct link in case the embed doesn't work:

I actually talk about quite a few things in such a short time… So here are all the links I mentioned in the video:

Now, let's hope travel can resume in some shape or form so I can meet you all at the exhibitions or anywhere in the world you live!

See you next time!

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