Black Friday 2019 (with a FREE gift from me)

Yes, it’s that time of the year: Black Friday 2019 is here!

I have always found good deals for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). I’m not the big spender though: last year I only purchased 1 item. But I spend (pun intended) quite some time looking at offers.

This year I already purchased the upgrade to Nik Collection, probably my favourite plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. And now I know I’ll be looking at deals almost all day. There’s a couple specific items I want to buy that I hope will be on offer today.

There’s a few places that are of some interest to me and maybe to you as well…


Since I’ll be looking at deals, this year I decided to make it a service as well. I have prepared a list on Amazon and I’ll fill it with the best deals I will find.
It will start small and grow throughout the day for as long as I can find good deals.
There’s already a couple good deals! One for a tripod (that I had borrowed from a friend and tested) and also plenty of hard drives, which are always useful.

If you’re curious or even if you’re lazy and you rather see my list than go through all the deals yourself, here is my ever-growing list:

There is also a list with all my photographic equipment, maybe those items will be featured in deals too.

Society 6

Some of my stuff has been available on the Society6 store for a couple of years now and still sells pretty well. It’s a good platform to sell and the site is running deals all day. There’s a 30% discount on all items and free shipping as well.
If you fancy having my photos in your house for a reasonable price (not what I charge to collectors for large scale prints) this might the way.
My store is here:


Now, this one I suppose is for those who like memorabilia.
I recently found that my very first photography book is still available on Blurb (and that I had money to collect there). It’s a book featuring my first steps on Instagram from its launch in 2009. You might have read the story of how I started on Instagram. Well, this is the book that shows what I was doing back then. And that got me into my first exhibitions.

It showcases photos taken with the iPhone for a period of 2 years, between Florence and London. Myself, I’m emotionally attached to it, but I suppose you might find it interesting too.
Here is the book:

There is a 50% off through December 2 with the code BIGFIFTY.

FREE 2020 Calendar

But now let’s talk about my gift to you. All my followers have been amazing this year, so I thought I’d give something back.
I didn’t prepare large wall calendars to print and sell this year, saving on paper and plastic. Instead, I went back to my old design tools and created something to give away free of charge.
I put together a small calendar with my most popular Instagram posts of the year and some extra unreleased photos exclusive for the you.

All you have to do to get the calendar is visit this page and fill the form:
Due to high demand (THANK YOU!), the link will now remain active until the end of the year. Happy?

UPDATE: the link has now been deactivated

Easy peasy πŸ™‚
And again, thanks for being so amazing!

Black Friday 2019 - Pinterest
Black Friday 2019 – Pinterest
Black Friday 2019 - Pinterest

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