Creative Block? Try This If You Are Uninspired (As a Photographer)

We all find ourselves having a creative block at least once in our lives. There are several tricks we can use to overcome it and this may be one you can enjoy, all while learning a new skill!

I ran a photography workshop for a global architecture and engineering and I set a challenge for my students, so I thought it was only fair I showed that I was willing to take it myself.0
This photo challenge is very helpful to build awareness and become ready to photograph a scene when it presents to you. In Street Photography but also in many different genres. It also helps overcome a creative block and find new inspiration.

So today we are taking a break from all my Fujifilm GFX 50S II content…
The idea is to go out to one location, it could be anywhere, and take 3 completely different photos.

  • 3 different views
  • 3 different genres (e.g. Street, Portrait, Architecture)
  • 3 different subjects
  • same subject, 3 different times/days/weather/seasons/…
  • 3 different focal lengths
  • 3 different devices (e.g. phone, film, digital)
  • … you get the idea…

You could even do this on your commute as well, if you have little time to dedicate to Photography. The location being the transportation you’re using, for example.


Practicing this exercise will help you sparkle your creativity if you feel uninspired so you’ll be able to overcome your creative block. And after a while it will help you build awareness.
Meaning that you will start to understand your surroundings and become ready to capture a photo when the opportunity arises. Which is quite the precious skill to have as a photographer.

By the way, if you are an individual, a group or a company and want me to host a workshop for you, anywhere, feel free to contact me.
You can DM me on Instagram @fabienb or use the form on this blog (About -> Contact -> select “Classes and Workshops”). ☺️

The video

In this video I’m standing in one spot, a normal bike parking, and look around me for all the different views and the different ways that the light makes its way through.
It was all done in 15-20 minutes and I left with some very good Street photos and great inspiration and motivation to go and shoot the other video I was out for.
Which you will see soon… If you subscribe and hit the notification button! 😉

TRY THIS If You Are Uninspired (As a Photographer) | Photo Challenge

Here’s the direct link as well:

I sincerely hope this will help you with your creative block.
See you next time!


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