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How To Photograph The Supermoon

How To Photograph The Supermoon

Today we are witnessing the last Supermoon of the year, so what is it and how to photograph the supermoon?

This was the topic of a conversation on Clubhouse last Monday as part of the Astrophotography Club. I was invited to talk about my experience and give some tips on getting these photos right as, coincidentally, I am running a moon series on my Instagram @fabienb. Plenty of moon shots there and not just Supermoon.

Together with the other 3 London-based photographers, we talked about how to photograph the supermoon for over an hour and answered a few questions from the audience.

Myself, I’m fresh from being featured at Travel and Nature Photographer Of The Year exhibitons. George is an award winning photographer. Mara is an Astrobiologist with a passion for Photography. And Priya a Travel Content Creator who went on an amazing journey through the 7 continents!
It was a really amazing panel.

At the time of publishing the video, not everyone in the audience had given me publishing rights. So I left a few bits out and published a second video afterwards.
However, if you want to hear all the next conversations in full and don’t want to miss any other appointments, head over to the Astrophotography Club and give it a follow And of course follow me there as well!

(please scroll further down for the videos, as this Instagram embed takes quite some space…)

The videos

Here, we did cover gear, settings, planning and also a mention of timelapse photography of moonset and moonrise, which is something I have published on my channel and this blog a few times. Everything we said about how to photograph the supermoon:

Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

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