The ONLY Advice You’ll Ever Need To Become A Better Photographer

If you ever wanted to become a better Photographer, there is one thing you need to start doing, right now.

Particularly when you’re starting this new career, it’s very easy to fall into traps.
You buy a new camera, because you saw all the great examples of what it can do in YouTube videos or Instagram posts, and you go straight out capturing everything you see. You find your photographer “role-models” and start comparing your photos to theirs. And when everything goes right, it feels absolutely fantastic. But when it doesn’t, it’s way too easy to become discouraged, think you’re not good enough, fall victim of anxiety, that you’ll never become a better Photographer.
Believe that you are a failure. Which you are not.

I’ve been a photographer for more than 20 years (see the video or read about it), I just got featured in two Photographer Of The Year exhibitions, I work with worldwide brands, I post gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on my Instagram, switch to different genres…
Do you think I never fail? Think again: I do.

The video

As I show you here, there are many ways in which you can fail (including with the actual filming of this video). Some you can control, some you can’t.
The key is acknowledge that and be OK with it.

The failure is not the end, it’s only a step in your journey, a stop at a red light. But from there you start again and move on. And this is what ultimately will let you become a better Photographer

How To Become A Better Photographer. The ONLY Advice You Need

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I believe this is very much important for everyone that ever felt social media anxiety, because social media is this perfect world unfolding in front of your eyes every single day. But in some cases it’s just fabricated. In others, like mine, the “perfect” photo is the result of many prior unsuccessful attempts.
I just never stop trying.

My writing is probably more profound than my talking, but I hope these both can help you overcome your fear of failure and let you become a better photographer.

Have a good one!

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