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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year London New Year fireworks

Happy New Year my friends! We are finally leaving 2020 behind us…
Such a challenging year for the whole world!

Exactly a year ago, I was fighting with the crowds to secure my spot up St.Paul’s Cathedral in London to get the sunset aligned with the London Eye. Something I achieved, as you can see in my latest Instagram post. Little did I know that fast forward 12 months I’d be facing Lockdown 3.0 in UK because of a vile pandemic.

I remember back then that I complained a lot about the long queue to get inside the Cathedral, as tourism had reached a totally unsustainable level. Well, now there is no tourism, St. Paul is closed to the public, and we can barely go out for strict necessities.
Quite the reminder that I should stop complaining and embrace all I can achieve in the moment with open arms, because it can be stripped away from me in a jiffy.

Anyway, it’s the beginning of 2021. It isn’t a safe haven yet but let’s see the future with optimism!

Quick update

Today I published another video on YouTube where I talk about my plans for my channel this year. First of all there’s a little change in the scenery. As you can notice as soon as the video starts, I’m doing some restyling to the studio. This is to cater for YouTube but also to make more room for my work outside of social media.

I’m keeping (for now) my Photographer Of The Year picture on the wall, because it serves as constant reminder that you can achieve anything with hard work. Only 2 years ago, I came back from my sabbatical around the world after I left my last Design job and now I have 2 photos showcased at Photographer Of The Year exhibitions (overall and nature) around the world!
But everything else around the photo is changing, starting with my new editing desk, which will gradually evolve together with the videos.

The video

Watch this video on YouTube.
The thumbnail comes from my photos of the spectacular London fireworks last year

Of course I’m still waiting to be able to resume my almost-full-time travelling. So the main focus of my photography in the beginning will be London. Both in the street and in studio.
And if you would like to cover a topic that is dear to you or you need help with, feel free to post in the comments and I’ll try to make a video about it. My goal is to help you as much as it is to entertain you!

Short talking head video today.
Just to say Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for your support! Make sure to subscribe!

Now let’s make 2021 a success!!!

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