Is This The Toughest Lens For Street Photography?

I did ask myself if the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 could indeed be the toughest lens for street photography. Despite the clickbait-y title, this was a genuine question I had. And so I decided to give it a good test.

To this day, Fujifilm does not release blueprints for their lenses to other manufacturers. So you don’t often see other brands produce lenses for the X-Mount. One brand that comes to mind is Sigma that produces great quality lenses for Sony, Nikon and Canon but not for Fujifilm. Or Tamron as well. And the companies that decide to go down this route can only make a lens that fits the mount. Not lenses that use camera features like the autofocus. Viltrox seem to have reversed-engineered the autofocus so it should work, but I never tried their lenses.

But one that is widely praised among photographers is this Mitakon (Zhongyi) 35mm Speedmaster f/0.95. The 0.95 aperture is well-sought feature to any portrait photographer, because of the incredibly shallow depth of field that blurs pretty everything that is not in focus. Perfect to isolate a subject.

Note that because of the crop sensor or Fujifilm mirrorless cameras, f/0.95 is equivalent to f/ 1.4 (still great).

Manual lenses may slow you down because you need to focus and refocus all the time. And f/0.95 can be extremely tricky in fast-paced action. So, is this the toughest lens for street photography?
It does seem to be.

The Video

So, you guessed it, in my latest YouTube video I test this extensively in the streets of London. And see if it could be a good lens for street photography.
I also give you important tips to master manual lenses in these shooting conditions. Not to miss!

Is this the TOUGHEST lens for Street Photography? | Mitakon Speedmaster - London POV

And here’s the direct link, in case the embed doesn’t work:

What are your thoughts? Do you use manual lenses in your work? And do you think this Mitakon 35mm is a good lens for street photography? Let me know!

See ya all next time!

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