Jökulsárlón | Story Behind The Shot #6

Back with a Story Behind The Shot with Jökulsárlón, and this time also back in time. I shot this some years ago in a touristless Iceland, with a then brand new iPhone 6 Plus. That’s right, no fancy camera, just what was always in my pocket.

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As I mentioned in my post about how Fujifilm got me back into Photography, I visited Iceland in 2014.

Only a few years have passed, but it was still a very different country. I mean that it was not yet in everyone’s bucket list.
In fact, my friend and I spent 10 days on the road and only met a handful of human beings: our glacier guide with 2 other adventurers, photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo (he’s amazing and a very nice guy), and the farmer who pointed a rifle at my face (terrifying).

It was peaceful and beautiful, one of the most beautiful countries I ever visited. Only just over a year later, it was pictured everywhere: every ad campaign, every Instagram account (#instarepeat of yellow rain jackets under waterfalls), every YouTuber… One could almost grow bored of it. Well, except you can’t because it’s still gorgeous, but you get my point. Mass tourism is never pretty. But I digress…

Vatnajökull and Jökulsárlón

Because of the many photos of Iceland on social media, or because you watched Game Of Thrones, you all surely already know the Vatnajökull glacier. Unfortunately, climate change is eating up most of it at fast pace but it still remains the largest ice cap in Europe. Because the melting ice of the glacier made it recede from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a lake (or lagoon) formed to its Southeastern border: Jökulsárlón.
The lake has grown since then at varying rates because of melting of the glaciers, fourfold since the Seventies, to almost 20km2.

The scene there is always incredible. The everchanging design of the lake is almost mesmerising and the silence can be surreal, only broken at times by massive chunks of ice diving in the water. If you’re fortunate and find yourself there on a sunny day, the colours in the sky are also magic.
I suppose there’s a reason if so many people visit Iceland every year… With the Northern Lights of course, though you may be better off in Norway for that.

The Shot

Now, if you haven’t read the post I mentioned earlier, it might come as a surprise to you that I did not have a camera when I went to Iceland. But this didn’t prevent me from taking photos, and plenty of them.
I ditched my Nikon DSLR equipment because I felt it had become cumbersome and was standing in the way of my photography. So I was in the middle of my “iPhoneography” period, shooting only with my iPhone. And when I departed to Iceland, the iPhone 6 Plus had only been released 2 days before, with some huge improvements to the lenses and software.

It was not all perfect: in a country with Northern Lights an iPhone was not the best device to shoot at night. But in daylight… amazing.

Jökulsárlón - Story Behind The Shot #6

If I had not unveiled it already, you would have probably thought this was shot with one of my Fujifilm cameras. And rightly so. Maybe there’s a bit too much noise in the sky and I could have achieved better colours on Jökulsárlón with the Fuji. But come on, it’s a pretty good result for a phone, particularly these many years ago.


This photo is one of my best examples of how gear doesn’t really matter and why nobody should ever stress over it.
But, since I mentioned gear…

A note

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As always, thank you so much for reading it all through here!
Till next time!

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