What to expect in 2020

So, what can you expect from me in 2020? If you follow me on Instagram (like you should, @fabienb) you may have noticed how I’ve gone quiet in December. This is often the case for me. This is the month I look back at all that happened during the year and then prepare for the new one. Which this time is also the new decade. How exciting!

With the Xmas holidays, this is also a good time to disconnect and take a moment to recharge batteries, spend time with friends and family, etc. It’s not all about social media!

But after I quit my previous job in 2018 and took a sabbatical, 2019 has been the year I set the foundation for my new photography business. 2020 is then going to be the year this becomes a reality.
Many requests I received this year will be heard and fulfilled. And I’m going to make myself available more and more.
But let’s see in details what this means. The following list is what I want to offer to you personally, on top of my commercial work with clients.

1-1 Masterclass

The Masterclass is finally official! Until now, I was responding to direct requests to have a 1-1 photography/mentorship session with me. People have messaged me directly on Instagram or Facebook asking if I would offer such service. And most of the times, not always, this has led to a full day out together.
Overall these have been quite a success, even despite some inexperience bumps. And now I have this well structured and ready to open to the public.

As of today, this is a 1-day class (6-8 intensive hours). I am considering the idea to make it longer, particularly for those who would have to travel to London for it and may prefer to spend a bit more time in the city. If that’s your case, message me and let’s see what we can arrange.
To book the Masterclass, look for its box in the sidebar. This will take you to the booking system where you’ll be able to choose your preferred day.

If you can afford it, I’m available to take this Masterclass where you live. Simply write me and let’s talk about it.


Longer than the Masterclass is my mentorship plan. This is a long term commitment for those who are serious about growing their business, social media presence, etc.
We’ll be discussing assignments, have regular Skype calls, develop a strategy, etc. Very importantly, you’ll have a person (me) holding you accountable to your progress. This is the one thing I have seen time and time again really helping a career growth.

I have done this successfully for many years with the designers in my teams (and if any designer wishes to apply to the program they’re more than welcome) and I’m taking this experience to photography as well in 2020.

There is no magic behind this, it requires commitment and hard work. And it’s a program that is tailored to each applicant needs. But it’s extremely effective and makes quite the difference in your journey to success.
If you want to apply for it, do get in touch.
Keep in mind that this is designed to be an important turnaround in your career, so don’t expect it to come cheap.

Workshops, London and abroad

You may have seen my workshops announced on Instagram every now and then. Before starting to host these in London (where I’m based now), I used to stay an extra day in the places I was visiting abroad to dedicate some time to a half day workshop. Like the one in Tel Aviv, for example.

The theme varies with location, time of the year, etc. It can be about street photography, landscape, Christmas lights in London, architecture, … There is something for everybody. And most of the times I will include an editing session as well.
The plan for 2020 is to host at least 1 workshop a month. These will be announced here, on my Instagram profile @fabienb and on Facebook

I already know that I’ll be attending the OFFF event in Barcelona again this year. So if you live there, or you’ll be around at the end of April, keep your eyes peeled.

AirBnB Experiences

Starting from 2020, I will also be offering AirBnB experiences.
In some ways this is a similar experience to my workshops. But the way AirBnB asked me to structure it is more rigid.

If you happen to be spending your holidays in London, you can book this half-day experience with me to visit some very peculiar spots in the city and shoot different photography genres. It’s open to any level and you can book even if you’re only equipped with a smartphone (ideally, a recent model).
I will host the events regardless of the weather, but hopefully we’ll be blessed with some amazing sunsets like those I often publish.

Right now there is one experience available. Find it via this page on the AirBnB site or through the booking widget in the sidebar on this blog.
One big plus for foreigners is that I speak English, Italian and French and I understand Spanish quite a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo Walks

As you can see, there’s already a lot to keep me busy with all I listed above. But every now and then I will also organise some photo walks. I will keep them free or still very cheap (in case of expenses, like props).
These are not classes. All I want to achieve with these meetups is bring people together and let photographers connect.

I went to quite a few photo walks myself this year (you may have spotted me in Alen Palander’s YouTube video for example) and I met some amazing people. It is thanks to them that I had such a blast when I got interested in street photography.
Which is why I want to repeat the experience in 2020, making it available to everybody and find all the great people out there who share an interest for photography.
I’ll announce these events in my Instagram Stories.

Photo Tours

Now, this is THE Big Project.
I’m not going to talk too much about it because it’s all still in discussion. But I’m in touch with tour operators (I’d rather use them to give peace of mind to the participants, in terms of professionalism, insurance, etc) and I’m trying to organise something for this year.
I’d be extremely excited to visit one of the countries I’m trying to book the tour for, so keep your fingers crossed.

Video: YouTube, IGTV, online courses

OK this is gonna be a challenge. I’ve been on YouTube since 2006 and yet never really started a channel. Such a missed opportunity. ๐Ÿ™
Compared to the above this seems the easiest thing to do. But the truth is that I suffer from a very bad camera anxiety… I know, right? I’m a photographer…
I’m already streaming live on Instagram, as I find easier to be spontaneous and talk freely in a live (guess this is due to my 15 years on radio) than to record and edit something for a channel.

But I want to do it, so this is part of my plans for 2020.
And that might then lead to some video courses… We’ll see.


I would also like to make my prints available to everybody through this site. Up until now, I’ve had collectors reach out to me to buy prints of some specific photos they have seen online or in exhibition or during a chat somewhere around the world (even happened on a plane).
These prints are large, framed, limited and obviously expensive. Which is good, as this has been a great source of income. If you’re interested in purchasing these prints, by all means contact me.

But I want to give everybody the opportunity to buy prints at a more affordable price. In smaller sizes, not framed, maybe grouped in a coffee table book (spoiler alert! lol)… And I want to produce something different from all you see on social media, so these prints could also be panoramas, different genres, etc. But they will always be print on demand, as I don’t stock inventory, so do expect a small gap between ordering and shipping.
There will be limited signed series as well, so you know you’ll buy something of good value.
The first prints should be available end of January, early February.

Finding a good e-commerce platform doesn’t seem too easy, and I don’t want to go for costly solutions because I would have to charge more, which voids what I mentioned earlier.
I’m going with WooCommerce for now, as it seems the best option for WordPress blogs. Let’s see how it goes.

Digital Products

Together with prints, I will also create digital products.
I know I announced many times on Instagram that I would have released my Lightroom presets after my round-the-world tour. Truth is I soon realised how different are Fuji RAW files from those of other cameras. And I didn’t want to release something that was not useful to everyone.
I have been able to test my presets against several different RAW files now, so these should be soon good to go.

Here’s a quick example/teaser:

Tokyo Senso-Ji, uneditedTokyo Senso-Ji, edited

With those, there will also be other digital products available in the store and I’ll try to add new ones regularly. They can come in the form of guides, templates, so on and so forth. And if you have a specific request, let’s talk about it!

Wrapping up

You can see there’s a lot on my plate for 2020. I’m really trying to provide something of value to each and everyone of you, not only to my clients.
So, stay tuned and be sure to check this space often!

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