Instagram account issues. Now restricted.

After the story about my shadowban and how it happened, I’m back at talking about account issues. On Instagram again.

How a positive…

One thing I try do every time on Instagram, is reply to the people that leave a comment to my photos. Even only to say thanks.
Instagram is a social media so nurturing the social component is very important. And I like to talk with people, hear what they have to say, answer their questions.
If it wasn’t because I like the interaction, I would still do it because it helps with the infamous algorithm. More comments and interactions mean more engagement and therefore a better rank in the system.

Sometimes, a reply or a profile tickle my interest so I also visit the person’s feed and maybe leave likes and comments myself.
From there I might start engaging in a conversation and in a few moments there’s an online relationship established.
And I found great photographers and a few friends this way. My social life and inspiration would be less rich if I had not engaged in those conversations.

… turned into a negative

And it’s when I went to comment on somebody else’s photo that I ran into these new account issues.

I visited somebody’s profile following a comment they left on my feed. I saw a few photos that I liked and decided to like and comment.
Little did I know this basic action was against Instagram anti-spam rules! **sarcasm**

The Like went through, but when I tried to leave a comment a popup appeared saying the action was blocked.

Instagram account issues

Of course I hit the Report A Problem button immediately, which doesn’t do much (can’t write to explain anything).
I received another popup saying the acton was restricted for the subsequent 24 hours. And I “reported a problem” again and again without results.

A common issue?

Doing a bit of online research, these sort of account issues seem to be pretty common. Still looks like a problem to me.
I never engage in spammy behaviour and I think I follow Instagram’s terms and conditions so I don’t understand why I now regularly run into these account issues.

I suppose the previous shadowban put me in a sort of grey list, if such thing exists. Maybe the system now monitors my actions more closely, even if it has no reason. But I just don’t get why this happens.

Something else I do, trying to give sense to the nonsense, is use Instagram on several platforms. I own 2 smartphones, I use the iOS app on the iPad as well, and I often browse Instagram via desktop. Maybe all the devices leave their session open so when I use another it looks like a suspicious login… I don’t know.
What I know, is that while I’m writing this I’m still restricted. I can’t use the basic features of Instagram. Like and Comment.

I mean, seriously?

Update: restriction lifted.

24 hours later, the account issues have been removed by Instagram. I am now able to operate normally again.
If you now want to visit my profile @fabienb and leave a comment, I’ll reply for sure.

Until the next time the algorithm messes it up.

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