March 2019

Everybody loves some abstract wallpapers, right? I installed a new app called Spectre on my iPhone. It's made by the same guys behind the Halide app, which is one of the best camera apps for smartphones. Spectre's purpose is to help you with long exposure photography, so you won't find it if you search for abstract wallpapers. I use it when out to shoot movement. For example, I used

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Instagram logo on display

The other day, I saw somebody I follow on Instagram who was celebrating their "instaversary" (or however you name it) and so I thought about how I started myself. I'm a sort of compulsive early adopter when it comes to apps. I get very excited about everything that's new and seems novel and disruptive enough. And so I jumped on board of the Instagram train very early. Some background It was 2009.

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