A close-up view of the lunar eclipse of 2019
21st January 2019

We were still in the first weeks of the new year, and yet there was already an exciting photographic occasion: the super blood wolf moon. Such dramatic name stands for a supermoon that happens at the same time of a lunar eclipse. Something that’s really rare: consider the next eclipse...

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A photo of Camden Lock at night, with the reflection of the bridge on the canal
18th January 2019

I decided to kick off 2019 with a new photographic series on Instagram. My feed was never too consistent, despite all the recommendations you hear everywhere about making it so. In an effort to achieve better consistency while retaining the diversity of my style, I thought I’d share my photos...

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7th January 2019

In this blog I start disclosing my editing workflow and the first topic I’d like to introduce is Luminosity Masks. Luminosity Masks is something you might have heard before, particularly if you shoot landscape/cityscape. In a nutshell, they are selections based on tones that allow for specific adjustments. In their...

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2 0 1 9 written with sparkles on a black background
1st January 2019

Well, here comes the new year! Happy New Year! I wish you all the best and hope this will be the best year ever for you and your dears! Until next one, of course!

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